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Raise more funding with the CommonCommunity platform connecting you to local business sponsorship opportunities

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Fundraising is challenging and time consuming. CommonCommunity's platform connects you quickly with local businesses ready to sponsor your organisation and support your mission.

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CommonCommunity handles the entire sponsorship process from start to finish. We bring the expertise and know how so that you can focus on build your community group.

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Your community group exists for a mission and CommonCommunity is about freeing up your time to focus on it while we handle fundraising to supercharge your efforts.
Raise up to 3x more funding with less effort through the CommonCommunity platform.

Connecting your community group with business sponsorship opportunities

We partner with a wide range of businesses that are passionate about their local communities and want to support through sponsorship. We establish your community group's sponsorship program and find the right businesses to maximise funding to support your organisation,

A reliable funding program supporting local community

Business sponsorship engagement creates a stable and reliable funding source for local community groups to properly plan their resources and continue impacting their communities.

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