Empowering Community Groups and supporting local business

Hi and welcome to CommonCommunity. We're Dave and Ivan.

CommonCommunity started from a problem that Dave encountered when volunteering at his local kindergarten - funding, or the lack thereof. Dave's local kindergarten was a pillar of the community and despite decades of positive impact they regularly struggled with having sufficient funding to continue pursuing their mission. Like most community groups, Dave's local kindergarten didn't have the resources or expertise to generate more funding money easily.

On the flip side, after running a few businesses, we both knew that local marketing was a powerful way of connecting with customers. Directly engaging with customers through local initiatives is impactful and really cost effective for growing an audience but it's always hard to run local community marketing. Every community group works separately, has their own ways of working, and to do it with a larger audience requires hundreds of different conversations.

That was our EUREKA moment!

Let's connect local community groups who need funding with businesses that are looking for ways to grow their customer base and engage directly with their target audience.

We believe that local communities are the backbone of society and that they deserve our support. CommonCommunity provides a platform for businesses to give back, while growing their business, and for community groups to access the funding they need to thrive.

We're excited to be part of this journey and to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Join us and let's make a difference together with CommonCommunity!

Start Growing your business with local community group sponsorship.