Grow your business through local community group sponsorship

Effortlessly launch sponsorship campaigns with highly engaged community groups that match your customer profile

Join the Common Community

Speak directly to your target customer by partnering with local community groups

Grow your customer base with highly targeted audiences

Cut through the noise and speak directly with your target customers by partnering with local community groups and their highly engaged members.

Cost effective marketing to make your budget work harder

Sponsorship is cost effective marketing that allows you to target highly engaged audiences that match your ideal customer type.

Build credibility and goodwill in the local community

Establish your business as a pillar of the local community, positioning your business alongside important local causes that matter to your customers.
Smarter Local Marketing with less effort by sponsoring local community groups

We connect your business with community groups looking for sponsors

CommonCommunity supports a wide network of local community groups covering a range of demographic and customer types. We match your businesses to the community group with highly engaged members that suit your target audience. In return the community group raises much needed funding to continue it's mission!

Targeted campaigns that reach your customers directly while also supporting the local community

Your CommonCommunity campaign connects your directly with your target customers. Cut through the noise, get your audience's attention and positively position your business as you support important local community groups.

Start Growing your business with local community group sponsorship.